Knauf is the name of a family. A global group of companies as supplier of building materials. A strong characteristic of Knauf is the courage for visions, innovation and investments as well as simple decision-making processes and a wealth of ideas on the part of its personnel.

Forschung und Entwicklung


Always ahead of its time.

Our research- and development departments are veritable brain-storming centers. They set the headstone for innovative products that solve problems and simplify working procedures- thus helping to reduce building costs continuously.

Recent examples of the innovative, application orientated thinking at Knauf Bauprodukte Knauf Turbo-Flex Grout und der Knauf EASYPUTZ Plaster.

Our longtime experience, continuing market research and the permanent exchange of ideas with the retail market, users and planners ensure that our products meet to the latest market demands and standards.

At the same time Knauf Bauprodukte GmbH & Co.KG is often ahead of its time providing building products that have been tested and classified even before the introduction of new regulations. For example Knauf Flex Adhesive plus, which was tested before the new European Standard DIN EN 12004 took effect, bears the "Flex mortar" seal of quality, granted by the Industrial Adhesive Association, the Specialized German Tile Trade Association, the Industrial Ceramic Association and the German Construction Chemistry Association.