Knauf is the name of a family. A global group of companies as supplier of building materials. A strong characteristic of Knauf is the courage for visions, innovation and investments as well as simple decision-making processes and a wealth of ideas on the part of its personnel.

Knauf Unternehmensgruppe


Operating more than 150 production sites worldwide, Knauf today is one of the world's leading manufacturers of building materials. Knauf has a workforce of 22,000 in 40 countries and in 2007 the company generated sales will amount to 5,5 billion Euros.

Together with dealers, contractors and architects an intensive partnership is nurtured in each market. This partnership is enhanced by the decentralized structure of the Knauf Group. A customer-oriented approach was always and will maintain to be one of the main maxims in the actions of all Knauf employees.

The Group started to go international as early as the beginning of the Seventies of the last century and the trend has continued until today. Today the Group produces and sells its products in all European countries. Furthermore, there are factories located in North and South America, in the CIS states, in Turkey, in China and in Indonesia.

The products range from the traditional plasterboard to building chemicals, the production of conveying machinery for construction site logistics, including the segments of plasters for interior and exterior use, insulation materials made of glass fibres or expanded polystyrene. The wide-ranging assortment also includes gypsum fibre boards for walls and floors as well as a variety of ceiling systems, the major constituents of which are either mineral fibre boards, gypsum boards or metal sheets.

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