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No matter if laying carpets, PVC, linoleum, parquet flooring or tiles - Knauf levelling compounds are always the right choice.

Non-twisting and almost non-porous, Knauf levelling compounds are the optimal basis, even for substrates which are sensitive against streak of light. The filled substrates can quickly be walked on as well as be coated. Thus we provide an economic and fast progress of construction work.

Knauf levelling compounds are gypsum-based as well as cement-based and can be used for coat thicknesses of between 2 and 30 mm. Both types can be applied manual as well as mechanical (e.g. with PFT G4). Thus our products are suitable for small improvements as well as for new building projects.

Primers for levelling compounds are available depending on the substrate, which achieve optimized bond strength and a non-porous curing of the coat layer.

Knauf - for even and long-lasting floor surfaces